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by Nothing Project

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released May 2, 2008



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Nothing Project New Jersey

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Track Name: Secret Love
I never sent you a letter
Why even would I bother
I don't care what you say about me
just don't say it to my mother

Send me an email
Never call on the phone
I secretly love you
When I'm all alone

I told myself not to like you
I told myself you're no good
I thought that I could change my mind
I tried so hard, I wish I could

Is this the end of our love now?
It only started in my mind
I guess I really don't know you
And it makes no sense to pine
Hold out your hands now
I want you to wish that I was there
Hold out your hands now
You don't have me, all you have is air
Track Name: To Your Head
You don't need devotion
You don't need a friend
A dirty little secret
You hold until the end

And all that's gone
all that's gone to your head

You never said maybe
You never said yes
Just roll your eyes back
And leave me to guess

All that you wanted was nothing I could say
When I paid attention you looked away
Hold my breath now, I'm turning blue
Track Name: Little Girl
You might be a woman
But I see a little girl
With your crying eyes at night
You want to know it'll be alright

You're so soft
Like breath when you take it
Such a sweet heart
I'd hate to break it

You might be a woman
But I see a little girl
Want someone to hold your hand
To be close and be your man

Yes you, you look at me
Then I, I melt away

You might be a woman
But I see a little girl
With that little bow in your hair
You don't seem to have a care
Track Name: Grit
Pick up your feet
And put on your pants
Get up off the floor
Now it's crawling with ants
I got a thought I think
(And it's) itching my brain
I think I thought it before
But it's not the same

Gotta get some wine

I've seen it all before
I'll see it all again
I ain't ever seen it
But I'll just pretend
Your mouth keeps on running
Smog, and holla jive
For goodness sakes
Close those gates
Oh man alive

Well, your mouth is all a grinnin'
Your eyes are bloody red
You're a sorry ol' soul
Down in a hole
And you're almost dead
Your stench is awful wicked
It's bringing on the fly
Got grit in your teeth
No shoes on your feet
Just pitify

Oh all you sinners say Lord ooh

Well, you're so down and dirty
But I hear you got a book
Why don't you read a verse
Or at least just take a look
Track Name: Shame
Close your eyes and look at me
Truth bleeds like honesty
These scars will let me know
All that your face won't show

Eat my love like apple pie
Gonna need your appetite
So much to consume
Clear the plate in front of you

Our love, it breaks
No matter what you do

Sweet lies don't make a sound
Honesty is watered down
Can you just look at me
Do you want to believe

All our love has gotten by you
All our love's got the shame

No use to pretend
There's not much to defend
I'll watch you run away
To find love without the shame
Track Name: Boomerang
First time I saw you I felt a little queasy
When a little school boy sees that little school girl
I crashed right into your life like Katrina hit Nola
You tip-toed out like a mouse in the night

Caught the love a little late now
Your love is true
In love with me now
My love is through

Second time I saw you my heart was on fire
And it burned so hot all night through
The darkest cave couldn't hide your beauty from me
The deepest ocean couldn't smother my flame

I screamed to the walls and the windows
And that is when I got rid of you
You threw our love away just like a boomerang
Smack in the back of your head was love renewed
Track Name: Door
Turn the lights down real low
And hide out in the basement
Take a peak through the curtain
Who is there, you can't be certain

Won't you see who's knockin'
Knockin' on your door
It ain't me who's knockin'
No knockin' anymore

Could it be the authorities
To repossess all your properties
Or maybe just a salesman
Or a psycho killer husband
Track Name: You Got Evil
Well, I guess you got evil
Just the other night
Your eyes killed the laughter
In your little dress of white
Well, you looked like an angel
And you spoke like a saint
But I guess you got evil
And your eyes are to blame

Oh, well every time
That I know you tried to fool me
My conscience was there to let me know
Track Name: Once Again
Got a one way ticket
Round trip in my mind
Carried lots of luggage
And left some behind
'Cause when I boarded the train
I didn't know it was the end

I did love you
And I think I'll love you once again

Heartache was so good
When you were there
Jealousy and envy
We both could share
And I haven't seen your eyes
Since I don't know when

You hit the bottle
And then you hit the road
And I hit that point
Of where I wanted to explode
But the train already left the station
Destination was the end
Track Name: Girl Like That
She's rolling over, right over you
You need a grip and you need a clue
Close your eyes and make a wish
Hoping for another kiss
Makes your coffee light and sweet
Burns your lips but you can't keep
Rolling over every day
You still love her anyway

Well, you better stay right by the phone
Don't you know a girl like that, you can't leave her alone
Don't you know

One more worry on your brain
All these eyes make you insane
Eyes upon her look to see
If you are with her so casually
Take a step in just like a dance
All these eyes are in a trance
Fixed upon her every move
Everything is yours to lose

Well, you better stay right by the phone
Don't you know a girl like that, you can't leave her alone
Don't you know you're better off spending the night at home
Don't you know a girl like that, you can't leave her alone

Leave your site for just one day
Then tomorrow gone away
Bruised and beaten in the dust
Trampled on any trust
Learn a lesson a frantic way
Opposition will ever stay
In the grip of needing hands
Wanting heart has no chance
Track Name: Heart Attack
Yeah, I hear you
Crying out so loud
You're the loudest one
In this crowd
And I heard what you said
Now won't you take it back
You almost gave me
A heart attack

Gone so long you don't feel it
Flying by the seat of my pants
Eyes so wide you don't see it
Praying that we don't have a chance

Just wait a minute
You're gonna pick me up off of the floor

We're getting dug down and dirty
Led by the back of a horse
We're not getting red from kisses
Or black and blue from sores
Track Name: Leaving
You're leaving in the morning
You're getting on a train
You're going somewhere that's far away
To a place I've never been
So I stare into your eyes tonight
That's why the light is on
I miss you already
And you haven't even gone
No, you haven't even gone

Well, now that you have left me
I wonder if it's true
If you meant the things you said to me
And what I meant to you
I hope you send a letter
Or maybe you will call
It's nine o'clock in the evening
You haven't called me at all
Haven't called me at all

Now the house is empty
And I feel so alone
You used to lie beside me
Now you're never coming home
No, you're never coming home